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Hi, I'm Rebecca

I’m a dialect coach for actors in TV, film & theatre. When I’m not on set or in a rehearsal room, I work privately with clients to help them integrate good acting with good dialect work, which is both a technical & emotional process. Read The Stage UK Magazine’s interview about my work, watch this fun voice warm up I did on YouTube & scroll down for some of my recent projects. 

I was born and raised in the United States but have spent years living in the UK & Europe. I am a specialist in dialects of North America and I specifically work with actors from around the world to master an American accent for roles and auditions. I want you to sound as good as my list of Emmy, SAG & BAFTA award-winning clients.

I’ve coached British, American & international actors including Zawe Ashton, Orlando Bloom, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Johnny Flynn, Jerome Flynn, Kit Harington, Ruthie Henshall, Noomi Rapace, Noah Schnapp, Ed Skrein and on projects for Paramount Pictures, BBC, Apple, Amazon, ITV, Disney, and Netflix.

“There’s no denying the swagger brought to the play by its leading man Orlando Bloom, playing a Texas contract killer with a husky-voiced insouciance and pitch-perfect accent."

— NY Times' Matt Wolf, reviewing KILLER JOE

“Johnny Flynn sidles and sways around the house, wheedling and needling Kit Harington with a pitch-perfect American accent."

— The Stage's Fergus Morgan, reviewing TRUE WEST

“Rebecca has been a revelation for me. Her approach to teaching involves visual, audio, physical, and emotional techniques that have helped me so much and got me to a place where I feel comfortable and confident when on set."

— Ed Skrein, actor




In this class, you'll work to properly understand what a General American accent is, and the different components. You'll walk away with the foundational knowledge needed to develop your accent from the ground up with strong roots.

What We'll Work on: 

  • What is a General American Accent?
  • 4 Parts of an Accent
  • Dialect Warm-Up


Along with the training, you'll also receive my General American Practice Sentences. Use it to accurately practice your American accent with sentences that are designed to challenge you, and help you push your learning further!



In this workshop, you'll learn exactly how oral posture shapes the American accent. Our mouth movements and tongue positions can make all the difference when it comes to nailing an authentic accent. You'll walk away with a strong foundation of how to achieve the accent through oral posture, and how breath work can add another level of authenticity.

What We'll Work on: 

  • Oral Posture
  • Breathing the Dialect
  • Operative Words


Included in this training is my "Mastering American English Vowels". You can use it when you need to refresh and practice your accent for an upcoming audition. This means that you'll never be left unprepared!



In this workshop, you'll learn how to fully understand and pronounce the most important consonants in the General American accent. I'll guide you through the key sounds and how to nail them every time so they feel second nature. You'll get a true step ahead with your accent work, making yourself sound like an authentic American speaker.

What We'll Work on: 

  • Warm-Up for Consonants
  • Consonant R
  • Diphthongs of R
  • Consonant L
  • Consonant T
  • The 'Schwa'


This training also comes with my guide: "Accent SOS: What To Do When Nothing Is Working". This will help to prepare you in any eventuality. Got an audition coming up and you're getting stuck on your accent? My guide will guide you through to get you back to top form.

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I want you to be able to practice at home, which is why I’m bringing this course to my clients and the wider acting community. Along with being able to access my training on-demand, you will also be getting access to early bird pricing when it comes to other courses and training.

Think of this course like a private first session with me. You’ll start to identify the most important concepts of accent work and you will get concentrated practice on a range of American sounds.

After the course you are invited to take your training to the next level by booking on to American Accent Bootcamp – my monthly group practice session for professional actors.

 You can also book 1:1 sessions with me by completing the General American Intensive.

Plus! Get these 3 bonus audition preps 100% for free (£27 value)

BONUS 1: General American Practice Paragraphs

Get access to my go-to list of paragraphs for practicing your accent. Use these to continue to improve your American oral posture, pronunciation, intonation and rhythm. 

BONUS 2: Curated YouTube American Accent Playlist

I've curated the best examples of a General American accent into one playlist so you can get some inspiration or just see the accent at work. You can easily recognize and practice all the techniques you learn during this course.

BONUS 3: Exclusive American Practice Recordings

You'll get access to my vault of personally recorded examples of a General American accent. Everything we've covered during this course can be practiced by following along with my simple and clear recordings.

  • Introduction to the General American Accent (Valued at £49)
  • Getting Comfortable with the Accent (Valued at £49)
  • Mastering Common Sounds (Valued at £49)
  • General American Practice Sentences (Valued at £15)
  • Mastering American English Vowels Guide (Valued at £15)
  • Accent SOS Guide (Valued at £11)
  • General American Practice Paragraphs (Valued at £9)
  • Curated YouTube American Accent Playlist (Valued at £9)
  • Exclusive American Practice Recordings (Valued at £9)
  • Private Facebook Group (PRICELESS!)

Total Value = £215

TODAY'S PRICE = £34.99


Actors come to me saying

  • “I feel like the accent is a mouthful, especially when there are lots of Rs. It feels like so much effort.”
  • “It feels like the accent is interfering with my acting.”
  • “I can’t relax into the accent.”
  • “I sometimes find myself going Australian!”
  • “I’ve been told I have a tight jaw / tense tongue / bad ear and that I will never master this accent!”
  • “I can’t seem to get the music right because the rhythm / melody / stress / pitch / pace seems off.” 
  • “I never feel totally at ease, it feels like a persona I’m putting on.” 
  • “I watch so much American TV but I still can’t get this accent!”
  • “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!”

In your next audition I want you to know that you CAN …

  • Fully embody an American in performance
  • Connect your body, breath and voice to the accent
  • Master the mouth shapes of the accent
  • Avoid common pitfalls heard time and time again
  • Stay in accent through the entire performance
  • Have a competitive advantage to landing your next role

This program is a simple step-by-step process to help you master a General American accent for performance.

Open your career up to American roles and gain access to the wider American film industry through targeted training used by top industry professionals.


What people are saying...

“I feel much more confidence in my ability to do a General American accent: it feels more embodied and the way forward is clearer.”

“My accent has moved to the next level and I now have a practice to make me know that I can walk into a room and knock it out of the park.

“Rebecca has an understanding of the way a British mouth tends to move and where this creates problems for Brits, so she knew how to solve a bunch of problems with words I'd always tripped over in a US accent, as well as discovering more "tells" I hadn't realised I was doing!”

“I understand each position for each sound and am able to reproduce it. The muscle memory has settled in enough for me to start reading and speaking fluidly, without focusing so much on each sound, it is starting to be instinctive.


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