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I’m a voice & dialect specialist & I want you to sound brilliant.

Where am I in 2024?

Zoom: wherever you are in the world
London: on demand
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The 90-Minute 1:1

1 x 90-minute 1:1 session

90 minutes gives us the breathing space to make magic happen.

Take the time and space for nourishing work that makes you feel liberated. The 90-minute 1:1 is an intensive session for navigating one vocal challenge.

The 1:1 is perfect for:

  • Prepping an audition, self-tape or upcoming role
  • Getting clear on a specific accent or dialect
  • Honing your skills on any aspect of voice into performance
  • An introductory session with me

Before the session you are invited to send me any relevant material or recordings. During the session you will received personalized notes on scripts as well as a shared Google Doc summarizing our session. 

These calls can be recorded and sent to you at the end of the session.

Pay in your preferred currency: ¬£200 / 230‚ā¨ / $250 (inclusive of all VAT & taxes)



The American Leap

 10 x 60-minute 1:1 sessions + in-between voice-note connectivity

Change the perception of what you can do as an actor. Leave with comprehensive, accessible tools. Feel comfortable & confident acting in American English.

The 10-session American Leap is a tailored program for actors making the leap into the American market. This personalized work takes actors already established in their native language to start landing roles in American productions. 

Together we will tackle all aspects of voice & accent in American English. The Leap is tailored to your needs but encompasses 3 main areas:

MOUTH: Speech exercises to develop your mouth in the accent
MUSIC: Ear training to master the rhythm, melody, stress & intonation patterns
SOUNDS: Mastering the major sound changes of American English

The Leap also includes:

  • Visual, audio, physical & emotional techniques to access this work in performance
  • Full-proof gems to guide and refine your voice American English
  • Holistic engagement for the body, breath, mouth & ear¬†

The Leap is tailored to actors whose 2nd language is English. As it involves highly individualized attention, places are strictly limited.

Pay in your preferred currency: ¬£1400 / 1630‚ā¨¬†/ $1780 (inclusive of all VAT & taxes) Payment plans available.¬†



The American Intensive

 5 x 60-minute 1:1 sessions + in-between voice memo connectivity

Get ready to walk into the room and knock it out of the park. Leave with comprehensive and accessible tools to feel comfortable & confident acting in American English.

Please note that The American Intensive designed for native speakers of English. 

Before the session you will be asked to send a recording of yourself in the accent. From that starting point the program is designed around you mastering an authentic American accent in performance. You may receive coaching on sound changes, accent musicality or mouth setting. The Intensive emphasizes using the accent on an array of texts and in free speech. 

The Intensive is bespoke to you and takes into serious consideration your learning styles and past experience.

The American Intensive also includes:

  • A focus on finding the American accent right for you and your casting & vocal type
  • In between connectivity via voice memos to receive practice feedback
  • Practice texts picked for you that complement the work we are doing in the sessions

As The Intensive involves highly individualized attention, places are strictly limited.


Pay in your preferred currency: ¬£700 / 815‚ā¨¬†/ $890 (inclusive of all VAT & taxes) Payment plans available.¬†




Speak With Confidence


  1:1 Coaching for Non Actors - public speaking, clarity in English & more



What happens next?

1. Select a time for your 90-min 1:1 session or register for a longer program.

2. Once scheduled, you are invited to send me any recordings, scripts, materials or showreels that you feel are important before the session. I may also invite you to make a short recording for me. This will help both you and me prepare for your session, and allow us to track progress together.

3. You may be asked to chat over the phone before starting a longer program. You may also be asked fill out my short form detailing what your goals are and any accent or voice work you have done in the past. A link is sent before our first session.

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