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Elevate your voice & dialect technique.

Dialect Coaching
Audition & Self-Tape Prep
Vocal Coaching
Accent Modification


“Rebecca takes time for her clients and works precisely to get the best out of you. Through my work with her I even landed my first English job!”

— Lisa Vicari (Dark / Netflix, Django / Canal+)

“Rebecca has been a revelation for me. Her approach to teaching involves visual, audio, physical, and emotional techniques that have helped me so much and got me to a place where I feel comfortable and confident when on set. She has been irreplaceable … and she makes it fun! Very grateful.”

— Ed Skrein (Deadpool, Alita: Battle Angel)

"I worked with Rebecca on recreating a real-life person's dialect in performance. Her ear is extraordinary and she was amazing in identifying technically what was going on with this person's dialect and how I could recreate that. My sessions with Rebecca became an anchor for the entire rehearsal and performance process. Rebecca engages holistically with how psyche and context inform the way dialect is shaped. Her deep knowledge of acting technique makes working with her nourishing all round. Rebecca's work is highly practical, and on top of all this, we had a laugh."

— Lydia Wilson (The 47th / Old Vic Theatre)

"Rebecca's work has changed my perception of what I can do as an actor and consequently, in quite a tangible way, my life."

— Luke Thallon (Evening Standard Emerging Talent Award)

"Because of Rebecca Gausnell I can confidently say my American accent is the best it’s ever been. Whether it’s technique or ‘the feel’ of an accent - Rebecca will have constructed a varied, comprehensive and accessible toolkit that will no doubt provide foolproof gems to guide and refine your accent work. I highly HIGHLY recommend."

— Patsy Ferran (Olivier Award-winner)

Your voice is your instrument.

Train like a maestro.

The voice is an incredible instrument – it speaks, sings, screams, and sighs … it expresses YOU.


Voice & Dialects give clues as to who we are, where we come from, and who we aspire to be.

Dialect Coaching

Anyone can learn a dialect!
I will show you how to do it – and make it fun.


As an American-born film gypsy who has lived and worked in over 5 countries, I am uniquely attuned to what makes an individual tick. 10% of my job is voice & dialect, 90% is tailoring the coaching to the individual.

Truth is tantamount to performance, and part of that truth includes the voice & dialect of a character. I work with the actor to find the character's voice & dialect in performance through a close examination of the character's lived experience, class, race, gender, and beyond.

In pre-production and rehearsals the actor and I drill: sound changes, oral posture, musicality, rhythm & intonation, and colloquialisms until the dialect is ready for performance. We may work with recordings, with imagery or kinaesthetically to achieve the desired results. The actor and I work together to bridge technique and truth as we incorporate the dialect seamlessly into performance.

Audition & Self Tape Prep

Make your audition sound flawless.



Auditions can often be last minute & require a convincing dialect. An actor cannot be expected to have every accent to hand, which is where dialect coaching comes in.

I work directly with the text so that the actor feels confident to act in the accent.

We may cover sound changes, the music of the accent, and the overall mouth shape. Written and recorded notes may be given as necessary.

Vocal Coaching

Become a vocal athlete.



Actors today are primarily getting work in film & television, meaning that their voices may not be stage ready. However, the theatre requires an actor to be a vocal athlete.

Vocal coaching prepares the actor appropriately and deals with vocal problems as they arise.

I work with the body, breathing and the voice in order for the actor to be understood truthfully onstage.

Accent Modification

Make American English your best friend.


Although it can be very difficult to ‘lose’ a foreign accent entirely, it is not entirely unheard of. And in an increasingly global market, many international actors are working in American productions.

Through accent training anyone can work to gain greater clarity and confidence in English. We focus on the music of English, the muscles of speech and the hardest vowels & consonants from the mother tongue into American English.

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