Voice + Presence

Your voice deserves to be heard.


I work with mission-driven change makers from all walks of life ready to fully embody their voice + presence.

What if you could find – 


Confidence in public speaking?

Presence + energy in your body?

Connection + expansion with your breath?

A trusting + loving relationship with your voice?

What if you could integrate –


Vocal power with vocal ease?

A renewed connection to breath + body with your words?

Your brilliant thoughts with your voice?

So that you can finally –


Nail that presentation. 

Own your ideas + advocate your thoughts

Speak how you want to be heard. 

Together we can find your fully embodied voice + presence. 

Speak the way you’d like to be heard through authentic & embodied voice work

The voice is an incredible instrument — it speaks, it sings, it sighs … it expresses YOU. My philosophy is that everyone can access a powerful voice that reflects the unique individual and their need to communicate. 

I work with anyone with a desire to work on their voice and reconnect to their whole being.

Why Voice Coaching?


A 2013 study found that the sound of a speaker’s voice matters twice as much as the content of the message. In fact, listeners make first impressions based on the voice, including judgments on intelligence, trustworthiness & likability. Your voice may even be a factor in your job advancement. 

Your voice matters. Vocal training uses techniques to develop a powerful, compelling and authentic voice that represents you. 

Work With Me

1:1 Training

Everyone is born with a free and natural voice. However, through conditioning or trauma we separate from that instinctual embodied voice. Perhaps you get nervous speaking in public, want to improve the clarity of your speech, or simply do not like the sound of your voice. Maybe your jaw is very tight, your throat always dry, or you’ve been told you’re not loud enough. All of these concerns can be addressed through private coaching. I work with the tools you already have: your body, breath, and muscles of the voice.

The training relieves tensions and habits that may be impeding your authentic voice and presence in communication. Private coaching is tailored to the individual.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is often listed as a top fear of lawyers to CEOs, even stand-up comedians.

Public speaking training works on presence, vocal stamina & matching your voice to your material. We may also work on the content and structure of your speech, and can address improvisational questions at the end of the presentation. By implementing fundamental public speaking principles, we ensure that you feel confident and prepared to thrive in front of an audience.

Vocal Strength & Stamina

Perhaps you feel like you are always losing your voice, or you are gasping for air when speaking. Or maybe you’ve been told you’re too quiet. Vocal coaching can develop strength and stamina in your voice. 

We may work with the breath, resonance, range & articulation in order to gain control over the muscles of the voice to speak with ease and fluidity.

Vocal Presence & Gravitas

Woman are often told they are too shrill, and men can also feel self-confident about the pitch or resonance of their voice.

When working on vocal gravitas, I help you find a centering and an authenticity to your voice. We may work with the body, the breath, resonance & pitch to enhance presence and gravitas in the voice. Like in private coaching, the training relieves tensions and habits that may be impeding your authentic voice and presence in communication. 

Breath Freedom & Control

Breathing is something we all do and usually do not think about. However, many things can go wrong with breathing when we are put under pressure. This includes tension in the chest, taking too small or large of breaths, loss of breath stamina, or creating an overall breathy or even harsh voice.

Through body & breath exercises, you can find a new freedom to your breathing, even when under pressure. We may also work on matching the breath to the length of thought so that you can speak fluidly and with ease. 

Clarity in English

I believe that you should be able to keep your culture while gaining clarity and confidence in English.

Traditional speech coaching works on accent ‘reduction’ or ‘modification’, but my approach is to enhance your ability in the English language. My training focus on the sound changes, oral posture, and the music of English. Mastery of these three areas vastly improves fluency and ease in speech.

University Lecturers

I work with many university lecturers, and most feel they did not get enough public speaking support whilst a student themselves. 

Vocal training for university lecturers builds confidence and reduces anxieties in front of a large (or even small) classroom. By gaining control over your pitch, volume, resonance, tempo & pronunciation, you will lecture with newfound ease. 

Tour Guides

Tour guides deal with a lot of factors: large groups, echo-y buildings, traffic noise & smog, walking backwards … all whilst giving an entertaining and informative tour. Ultimately, tour guides need to be clear and loud enough to hear without overstraining.

Vocal training for tour guides may address any number of these factors, depending on your current guiding needs. 

Lawyers & Barristers

A 2013 study found that the sound of a speaker’s voice matters twice as much as the content of the message. This is imperative in law, where winning means convincing a listener of your message. 

Vocal training for lawyers works to identify vocal liabilities that may bias your listener against you. We then use body, breath & presence techniques to develop a powerful, compelling and authentic voice. 

Other Queries

If you have an additional request, I may be able to help in your unique situation. I have worked with trans women on their voices, with actors on developing vocal characters, and pro bono work for non-profits and politicians. Every query can be discussed, and a plan of action crafted for you. 



"I can say that the work with you caused changes in almost every way in terms of my work with text and speech. There is more clarity, the breath is more connected, the projection improved, tasting the words, more confidence in owning what I am saying and in general more fun using language to keep exploring and working on it."

— J.K., investment banker


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