"...and the dialect coach pulled off a great job by giving the players such convincing Russian/Jewish throaty sounds."
-- Wendy Fairbanks, reviewing FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at Liverpool Everyman

"... excellent support performance from a brooding Joe McGann, his Liverpool accent well buried and replaced with the drawl of the American west ..."
-- Anne Cox, reviewing FOOL FOR LOVE at Found 111

"The Nevada accents, on the other hand, are consistently good."
-- Jenny Gilbert, reviewing FOOL FOR LOVE at Found 111

"Having seen the production now, it’s difficult to marry up the friendly, Bolton-brogued Maxine Peake with the insecure and broken woman on stage, all Mississippi elongated ‘r’s and pain. The same can be said of Ben Batt, Peake’s co-star ... His inner city New Orleans accent is subtler and less obvious than the broad dialect of the Deep South – and must have taken some getting right in the rehearsal period."
-- Helen Nugent, reviewing A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE at the Manchester Royal Exchange

“Rebecca Gausnell worked as accent coach on my production Spend, Spend, Spend!, and was a great asset to the production.  Her work was thorough, and very detailed ... As an actress herself, she understood the importance of finding a balance between authenticity and the dramatic needs of the piece.  I recommend her wholeheartedly.”
Karen Rabinowitz, director & Musical Theatre course leader at Royal Academy of Music

"Working with Rebecca on Reasons To Be Pretty was an absolute pleasure. She has an intuitive understanding of the balance between what my needs were for the production, alongside the individual needs for each performer and her own thoughts and suggestions. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Rebecca again."
- Natasha Nixon, director & performance practitioner, Young Vic Theatre

“Having worked with Rebecca on RP dialect coaching, I was continually impressed with not only her knowledge of various vocal subtleties that come into play when speaking in dialect, but also with the friendly way she managed to give these notes. Through diligent rehearsals and careful attention to dialect, a richer character was brought to life on the stage."
Michael Silberblatt, New York City based actor

“Rebecca brings an unbelievable level of professionalism and focus to every project she works on. Her ear for voice, as well as her ability to work with any personality, leads to an astounding level of improvement in any performer."
Brandon Johnston, Los Angeles based actor