Why voice?
The voice is an incredible instrument – it speaks, sings, screams, and sighs … it expresses YOU. Vocal coaching is training that involves enhancing the tone, resonance, expressiveness, and clarity of ones voice. Each session is tailored to the individual. For questions about coaching or about rates, please contact me directly.

Why vocal coaching?
Actors & Performers
-       Prepare a modern or classical text
-       Prepare for an audition
-       Perfect an accent
-       Gain rehearsal support
-    Improve vocal volume, projection, and stamina

-       Strengthen a fatigued voice
-       Gain vocal gravitas in the classroom
-       Improve presentation skills

-       Enhance presentation and public speaking skills
-       Improve communication


-       Improve volume, projection, and stamina
-       Strengthen a damaged voice
-       Soften a foreign accent
-       Sound ‘manlier’ or more feminine
-       Improve a lisp, stammer, or other speech                        impediment

-       Find your professional voice
-       Gain microphone skills
-       Improve presentation and interview skills

-       Gain rehearsal support for text, accents, and actor         vocal health