Can I really change the sound of my voice?
Yes! Although there are obvious genetic limitations, through exercises and coaching you can enhance the tone, resonance, and clarity of your voice. You can also work to gain more vocal authority in the workplace or to soften a foreign accent.

How long before I hear an improvement?
That will vary. Practice makes perfect, so knowing how much time you have to devote to working at home will affect how quickly you hear an improvement. However, often in one or two sessions we can pinpoint your needs and begin to hear a marked difference.

I’m not a performer … is this for me?
Absolutely. I work with people from all walks of life, including teachers, lawyers, engineers … the list goes on!

I am a performer … is this for me?
You betcha. As a trained actress I have a true passion for working with other actors. I have taught in drama schools both in the UK and USA, and have coached accents ranging from Texas to Yorkshire to the Congo. As a born and raised American, my GenAm is on point.

Is this like Speech Language Therapy?
No, I am not an SLT. I’d like to think of the work I do as the artistic side of what SLTs do. Your voice is already beautiful; let’s work to enhance what you already have! 

I'm not located near London, can you still help me?
Of course. Thanks to the internet, I am available to give lessons through Skype at rebecca.gausnell. Whatever side of the Atlantic you are located (or otherwise!), I can certainly work with you at a distance. Please view bookings or contact me directly.