Do you need to sound generally American?
Authentically New York? Fluently French?
Maybe even speak an alien language?

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  • I’ve logged over 5000+ hours on film sets and in post production

  • I’ve worked in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Morocco, Serbia, Hungary & the Czech Republic amongst others

  • I can travel at a moment’s notice

  • One to one coaching and Skype sessions have transformed the dialect prep process for countless productions

  • I am a specialist in American accents & dialects, and have helped hundreds of actors on their General American

  • Emergency dialect sessions and accent audition prep are available!

  • I gained my MFA in Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama after studying acting at Northwestern Univeristy

  • I proudly have taught dialects at Arts Ed, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, and The Second City in Chicago

  • I speak (American) English (Midwesterner at heart), fluent French & I pick up languages along the way

She has an intuitive understanding of the balance between what my needs were for the production, alongside the individual needs for each performer. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Rebecca again.
— Natasha Nixon, director, Young Vic Theatre


Anyone can learn a dialect!  I will show you how to do it – and make it fun.

As an American-born film gypsy who has lived and worked in over 5 countries, I am uniquely attuned to what makes an individual tick. 10% of my job is dialect coaching, 90% is tailoring that coaching to YOU. In pre-production and rehearsals the actor and I drill: sound changes, oral posture, musicality, rhythm & intonation, and colloquialisms until the dialect is ready for performance. We may work with recordings, with imagery or kinaesthetically to achieve the desired results.  Perhaps most importantly, the actor and I work together to bridge technique and truth as we incorporate the dialect seamlessly into performance.

Voices & Dialects are my passion.

The voice is an incredible instrument – it speaks, sings, screams, and sighs … it expresses YOU. A dialect is a merely a facet of the voice, and is uniquely part of our lived experience. Dialects give clues as to who we are, where we come from, and who we aspire to be. Dialect can help define a character in performance, and dialect modification can lead to being better understood on stage, in business, or in everyday life.

Truth is tantamount to performance, and part of that truth includes the voice & dialect of a character. I work with the actor to find the character's dialect in performance through a close examination of the character's lived experience, class, race, gender, and beyond.


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Hire me if you need...

  • On set support

  • Pre-production dialect research & design

  • Post-production ADR coaching & consultation

  • Preparation of modern or classical text

  • Audition Prep

  • Rehearsal Support

  • Improvement in vocal volume, stamina, and projection

  • Vocal Gravitas

  • Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

  • To Soften a Foreign Accent

  • To Strengthen a damaged voice

  • To Sound ‘manlier’ or more feminine

  • Help finding your professional voice