Why dialect?
A dialect is uniquely part of our lived experience -- it gives clues as to who we are, where we come from, and who we aspire to be. Dialect can help define a character in performance, and dialect softening can lead to being better understood on stage, in business, or in everyday life. Each session is tailored to the individual. For questions about coaching or about rates, please contact me directly.

Why dialect coaching?
It is important to bring truth to each role, and part of that truth includes the dialect of a character. I work with the actor to find the character's dialect in performance through a close examination of the character's lived experience, class, race, gender, and beyond. In pre-production and rehearsals the actor and I drill: sound changes, oral posture, musicality, rhythm & intonation, and colloquialisms until the dialect is ready for performance. Importantly, the actor and I work to bridge technique and truth as we incorporate the dialect into performance. I also give on set support, offering notes between takes and distributing post production notes to the script supervisor. 

-       On Set support
-       Notes between takes
-       Line memorization
-       Post-Production notes to the script supervisor
-       Brush-up rehearsals

Pre-Production & Rehearsals
-       Dialect Research & Design
-       Sound Changes
-       Oral Posture
-       Musicality
-       Rhythm & Intonation
-       Colloquialisms
-       Practice Material

-       Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) coaching
-       Dialect Consulting on director's cut (pre-ADR consulting)